Let me tell you about my metalwork. I work with steel, aluminum and copper, creating art that's both durable and whimsical.

My interest in designing and building sculptural mailboxes started when I entered a competition in 1991. Since that time, I continue to be inspired by new designs. My mailboxes are made out of three sixteenth-inch plate steel: designed to be virtually indestructible. Each mailbox is assembled individually, by hand. Many have forged steel attached to the mail-box; others are made from various objects that I come across. Most mailboxes started as requests from clients that I brought to life. Some customers use their mailboxes as sculptural objects, but just as many get their mail delivered in them daily.

My interest in large outdoor sculptures began in the late 90's when I wanted to expand my metal work past mailboxes. My first large sculpture was done in 1999. "Dancing Discs" used 1-inch plate steel and stainless steel to create a piece suitable for nearly any garden.

The next series of large-scale sculptures were developed from my other job as a stay at home dad. When my two year old brought her paintings home from school I noticed that many looked like animals. I envisioned them in a three-dimensional form and carried that through to create the "Barking Dog" and "Chicken Elephant" in bright beautiful colors.