Artist’s Statement

Observing and helping my daughter work on her thesis, I saw that the process behind sculpture and fine art is far from what it was when I was in school. Despite her decision to major in photography, I have always encouraged her to work with me in my shop. Following her unexpected gap year taken during the heat of covid, she finally did.  As I watched her blend inspiration from Eva Hesse and Martin Puryear with screenshots of work from Instagram, I realized that inspiration is not only found in books at the library but also in the palm of my hand. This insight and experience spurred me on and for the first time since 2019, I decided I wanted to make something too.

Off The Rails, 2023 at the Gallery of Lost Acres Vineyard will be a collection of works that attempt to dissolve the lines between my romanticized freedom in being a sculptor and the realities of being a commissioned furniture designer. By openly mimicking famous and rapidly selling pieces at auction houses, Off the Rails is challenging the supposed importance of making original art work in a world where everything is lost among clouded reproduction.


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I am extremely happy to be part of the team at RTfacts.

I have been working with Edward Tufte as a metal studio foreman since 2008.